DotnetFriday Februari 2023

Eduard Keilholz | Feb 10, 2023 min read

DotnetFriday - Februari 2023 Edition

The DotnetFriday event held last week was an absolute blast, filled with valuable insights and exciting discussions. One of the highlights of the event was Dennis Doomen’s captivating talk on Event Sourcing. His deep understanding and practical examples showcased the power and flexibility of this architectural pattern. Attendees were left inspired to explore the potential of Event Sourcing in their own projects. Another standout session was led by Mike Martin, who took us on a thrilling journey through the vast landscape of tools available for developers working with Microsoft Azure. From infrastructure management to serverless computing and machine learning, Mike covered it all, leaving no stone unturned. The event was truly packed with knowledge and left the attendees with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their work in the .NET ecosystem and Azure.

Dennis Doomen

Dennis is a veteran architect in the .NET space with a special interest in writing clean code, Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and everything agile. He specializes in designing enterprise solutions based on the .NET technologies as well as providing coaching on all aspects of designing, building and maintaining enterprise systems. He is the author of, a very popular .NET assertion framework,, a set of libraries for building Event Sourcing architectures and he has been maintaining coding guidelines for C# on since 2001. He also keeps a blog on his everlasting quest for better solutions at You can reach him on twitter through @ddoomen.

Session: Design Patterns for implementing Event Sourcing in .NET

Event Sourcing is becoming more mainstream these days, and a lot of conferences have demonstrated the pros and cons of this artitecture style from multiple angles. I’ve done a few of these and publishes a lot of articles on best practices and solutions to common problems. But what nobody did was to show you how to build an event sourced systems in the .NET ecosystem. There are a lot of open-source projects that you can use, so you’ll need to find a right mix and your own code to that. So let me show you how I would implement this in .NET with almost 10 years of Event Sourcing experience behind my belt.

Mike Martin

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Mike is an Azure goto for ISV’s (independent software vendors). He’s been active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and has performed almost all types of job profiles, going from coaching and leading a team to architecting and systems design and training. Today he’s primarily into the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Lifecycle Management. He’s not a stranger to both dev and IT Pro topics, they even call him the perfect hybrid solution.

Session: The Toolshed - Inside Microsoft Azure TOOLS - Your daily hammers

Visual Studio, MSFT’s flagship tool is available for almost every purpose now and people just love it. With it came the new release of the online version and also one for Microsoft Azure integrated in Azure App Services (“Monaco”). This doesn’t make the choice of tooling easier on all of us. And thus maybe it’s about time to take a look what we can do with all the available tools and which tools are your best tools of the trade. And is there such a thing as “One Tool to rule’em all”? This session will hopefully enlighten your path to Microsoft Azure Tooling (for Dev, IT Pro and asset Management)

In January 2012 he became a crew member of AZUG, the Belgian Microsoft Azure User Group. As an active member he’s both involved in giving presentations and organizing events (like ITProceed, Techorama and Global Azure Bootcamp aka GAB). Mike was also a Microsoft Azure MVP (awarded 5 times since 2013, received his Fifth in July 2017! ) and Microsoft Azure Advisor.

Helping out in the community and introducing new & young people into the world of Microsoft and technology is also one of his passions.