The Team

DotNetFriday is an initiative by Eduard Keilholz. Eduard works as a cloud solution architect at 4DotNet. Together with Jan de Vries, Jan Willem de Wagt and with a lot of support from 4DotNet, we were able to start this meetup platform. Our aim is sharing information and knowledge about Microsoft development technologies. This includes Azure, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio, .NET, .NET Core, GitHub and so on.

Eduard Keilholz

Eduard Keilholz Eduard is the initiator of DotNetFriday. Eduard is very passionate about technology and techniques required to create high quality software! He likes to share this passion by organizing sessions for technologies that enable you to write better software. He is responsible for the general event and partly responsible for speaker and session selection.

Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries Jan has been developing software for well over a decade. Currently, he is working at 4DotNet as a Cloud Solution Architect/Developer and is awarded by Microsoft with the Microsoft MVP award. Jan is, together with Eduard intimately involved in organizing DotNetFriday. He is partly responsible for speaker and session selection.

Jan Willem de Wagt

Jan Willem de Wagt