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Floor Drees

GitHub Actions & VS Code Online

This session will be packed with online goodies. Floor shows all the ins and out of VS Code Online, and also GitHub Actions. You can now build and deploy all your stuff from GitHub. Learn all the nifty tricks and stay one step ahead!


Eduard Keilholz

Cloud Patterns to the Rescue

Designing software for the cloud can be quite similar to on-premises solutions. However, when running software systems in the cloud you will run into issues you never ran into on-premises. In my session, I will show three cloud design patterns you can use with which you dodge common pitfalls. This session will help you to design and develop highly performant, scalable software systems in the cloud.


Erwin Staal

Event-driven autoscaling on Kubernetes with KEDA

Event-driven, serverless architectures are a hot topic in today’s cloud-native application development. To take full advantage of the serverless benefits of event driven, your application needs to scale and react to those events instantly. It needs to be able to scale from zero to potentially thousands of instances. KEDA is an open sourced component that provides event driven autoscaling for your Kubernetes workloads. KEDA works with any container, but to enable additional serverless capabilities within Kubernetes you can pair KEDA with the Azure Functions runtime. Don't get fooled by 'Azure' in the name. Azure Functions provides a programming model that can run anywhere: in a container running on-premises, fully managed in Azure, or in any Kubernetes cluster and they can be written in many languages. It allows application developers not to worry anymore about writing the code to connect, trigger, and pull from an event source like RabbitMQ, Kafka, or Azure Event Hubs. That’s all handled for you.


Great people, excellent food

DotNetFriday is all about fun with tech, so we provide a delicious assortment of American Food with juicy Hamburgers, Pulled Pork, Smokey BBQ sauce, delicious fresh Coleslaw, roasted potatoes with truffle sauce and an ice-cold (alcohol-free) beer. So it will certainly be a pleasant evening to learn and enjoy.

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Our history in one overview

We started planning the first DotNetFriday in 2019. The actual first event took place the 17th of January 2020. Since then we burned a lot of numbers...

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