May 20, 2022


Gerald Versluis, The Netherlands
Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Gerald Versluis (@jfversluis) is a software engineer at Microsoft from the Netherlands. After years of experience working with Azure, ASP.NET, DevOps, Xamarin and other .NET technologies, he has been involved in a number of different projects and has been building several real-world apps and solutions.

Introduction to App Development with .NET MAUI

17:00 - 18:00

.NET MAUI provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to create apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, from very simple to extremely robust and complex. Is this one size fits all? Where should you start? In this session I'll run through what .NET MAUI is, how it fits in the .NET ecosystem, differences with Xamarin and how to get started yourself!

Suzanne Rijnbergen, The Netherlands
Director - ICS & Cybersecurity @ Accenture

Suzanne Rijnbergen is Associate Director ICS and Cybersecurity at Accenture and leads the Resources Security business in the Netherlands. She has 15+ years of experience in information security, both in IT and OT, and is experienced in advisory services for C-level clients on supply chain security risk and third-party risk management.

Supply Chain Security - Get Ready Or Get Breached

19:00 - 20:00

Join Suzanne as she provides simplified and concrete insight into the evolution of supply chain threat, plus practical learnings that you can apply directly in your organisation to drive change and build a cyber-resilient future together.Join Suzanne as she provides simplified and concrete insight into the evolution of supply chain threat, plus practical learnings that you can apply directly in your organisation to drive change and build a cyber-resilient future together. About 70% of businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks through their supply chains. According to institutes, such as the Dutch National Intelligence Services and ENISA, this number is rising and poses a threat to the continuity of businesses. In this session, Suzanne Rijnbergen will focus on examples of supply chain attacks by cybercriminals that illustrate the challenges organisations face. She will detail different national and international initiatives ongoing in this area and provide insightful knowledge on how organizations can start securing their supply chain themselves.



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Eduard Keilholz

Eduard is the initiator of DotnetFriday. Eduard is very passionate about technology and techniques required to create high quality software! He likes to share this passion by organizing sessions for technologies that enable you to write better software. Due to his contributions to the community, Eduard was awarded by Microsoft with the MVP Award.

Jan-Willem de Wagt

Jan Willem is the engagement officer of DotnetFriday. He is very eager to meet new people and works hard on making each DotnetFriday event a success. His mission is to fill our venue with attendees.

Annejan Barelds

Annejan has been an avid software developer since 2006. And while his career took him to several non-development roles, he keeps coming back to development: exploring new technologies, building great software with it, and sharing his knowledge with others, is what makes him tick. For DotnetFriday, he works with Eduard and Jan on making sure that we deliver great content at all our events.

Angela Schooneman

Angela is responsible for the marketing and communication at 4Dotnet. Raising the profile and reputation of 4Dotnet, creating and implementing marketing campaigns that provide value added content and being part of the events to meet you is making her happy.

Simone Versluijs

Simone is a marketing and communications officer at 4Dotnet. She loves organising events and her goal is to exceed the expectations of its visitors. She is excited to organise DotnetFriday and to meet you in person!