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Join us the 9th of Februari

We host quarterly meetups for .NET developers and Microsoft Azure enthousiasts. Join us in-person in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. We do not host online sessions and we do not post sessions online after the event.

About us

Welcome to DotnetFriday, the ultimate meetup platform for .NET developers and Microsoft Azure enthusiasts in the beautiful Netherlands! At DotnetFriday, we combine valuable knowledge sessions with a fun and vibrant community. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, our engaging talks led by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs will sharpen your skills and keep you up-to-date with the latest .NET frameworks and Azure developments.

But it’s not all serious learning - we also provide a lively atmosphere for socializing, networking, and making lasting connections with like-minded professionals. Join us at DotnetFriday and embark on a journey of continuous learning, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences in the world of .NET and Azure development. See you at our next meetup!

Here some of the topics we have covered the past sessions:
  • Microsoft .NET
  • DDD
  • CQRS
  • Event Sourcing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microservices


DotnetFriday events always start at 16:30 CEST. We allow attendees to arrive and settle with a drink for about half an hour. The first session typically starts at 17:00 CEST. A usual DotnetFriday evening looks like so:

Start (CEST) End (CEST)
16:30 17:00 Walk in, take a drink and have a chat
17:00 18:00 First session of the evening
18:00 18:50 End of the session, starting dinner
18:50 19:05 Lightning talk (this timeslot is optional does not always take place)
19:10 20:10 Second session of the evening (might start 10 minutes earlierin case of no lightning talk)
20:10 23:00 Drinks and bites, having a chat and a laugh

We strive to make DotnetFriday as fun as possible. We invite you to stay for a drink and have a laugh after the last session finished, although we do understand those who leave and enjoy their evening elsewhere. Please note that we may deviate from the standard program here and there, each and every DotnetFriday edition is unique ;)


17:00 - 18:00

Annejan Barelds

Annejan has been an avid software developer since 2006. And while his career took him to several non-development roles, he keeps coming back to development: exploring new technologies, building great software with it, and sharing his knowledge with others, is what makes him tick. He currently works for 4Dotnet where he’s helping customers build great software on Azure.

Delegated Access with OAuth: Why Developers Should Care

So you’re a developer and want to learn how to build those cool, new, autonomous services? Nice. Then you also want to attend this session and learn you can enable your autonomous services to also make autonomous authorization decisions. Join me in finding out how OAuth On-Behalf-Of works, and why it’s relevant. In this talk, we’ll cover why user delegation using On-Behalf-Of helps you meet auditing requirements, how it helps you achieve lower coupling between services, and how it fits into a larger puzzle that security specialists like to call Zero Trust Architecture. And of course we’ll also demo how to actually implement it using Entra ID and .NET. So whether you’re not sure yet if this is worth your trouble, or are already sold on the idea and want to make it happen, this talk is for you.

19:00 - 20:00

Kristof Riebbels

Xebia | Xpirit, I still feel like a software developer

Kristof is a Consultant at Xebia | Xpirit, driven by a passion for knowledge acquisition and sharing. With a background working as an employee and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement, he recently made a transition into the consultancy field. Alongside earning the AZ-204 certificate, Kristof is currently focused on the development and delivery of secure code, motivated by the growing importance of safeguarding data privacy in the face of frequent breaches. Over the past years, he has dedicated himself to inspiring and coaching fellow developers, empowering them to enhance their software development skills by embracing modern practices and the timeless SOLID principles.

Mock your OpenID Connect Provider

This session delves into the importance of OpenID Connect in ensuring robust authentication and authorization for APIs.

Join us for an informative session where we explore the integration of OpenID Connect within the development lifecycle.

Gain insights on how OpenID Connect is configured, how you can mock it to seamlessly integrate OpenID Connect within your CI Pipeline and even test your scopes and policies, without changing your configuration.

Team Members

Eduard Keilholz
Eduard Keilholz
Eduard is the initiator of DotnetFriday. Eduard is very passionate about technology and techniques required to create high quality software! He likes to share this passion by organizing sessions for technologies that enable you to write better software. Due to his contributions to the community, Eduard was awarded by Microsoft with the MVP Award.
Jan-Willem de Wagt
Jan-Willem de Wagt
Jan Willem is the engagement officer of DotnetFriday. He is very eager to meet new people and works hard on making each DotnetFriday event a success. His mission is to fill our venue with attendees.
Angela Schooneman
Angela Schooneman
Angela is responsible for the marketing and communication at 4Dotnet. Raising the profile and reputation of 4Dotnet, creating and implementing marketing campaigns that provide value added content and being part of the events to meet you is making her happy.
Simone Versluijs
Simone Versluijs
Simone is a marketing and communications officer at 4Dotnet. She loves organising events and her goal is to exceed the expectations of its visitors. She is excited to organise DotnetFriday and to meet you in person!

Speaking at DotnetFriday

Do you want to speak at DotnetFriday? We have a permanent Call for Proposals (CfP) open on Sessionize. Submit your session to apply.